CONSERVAS FERBA The original company, using prime materials form River Cidacos valley, was founded in the 50's. In this way handmade preserves techniques were developed and later gave bird to CONSERVAS FERBA, wich, with its Aldeanueva de Ebro plant, extended its prime material area to include the Ebro valley market gardens.

At present CONSERVAS FERBA S.A., manufactures its wide range of products at its modern plant. This combines the craft treatment of prime materials with industrial production techniques for the quality and hygene of the finished product. All processes are riourously controlled by the laboratory and the company´s own personnel, being quality controlled by CNTA Laboratorio del Ebro.

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Aenor   Bvqi   Conservas Ferba S.A. Pol. Ind. El Tapiao C/ Machín, s/n. 26559 ALDEANUEVA DE EBRO (La Rioja) Tfno. 941 16 30 21 - Fax 941 16 34 93